Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chénas: The New Vintage

As summer reverie gives way to the responsibilities of fall, I'm sorry we haven't spent more time in our yard. It was especially pretty this year, as the perennials grew taller and lusher than ever before. This is such a lovely time of the year, and although the plants aren't in their prime anymore, the evenings are cool and the air smells so good. The mosquitoes seem a little slower in their attacks, too. It's tough to let such a great summer go, but it will be nice to sit outside in sweatshirts and reminisce about our time on St. John.

Tonight at our picnic table, we enjoyed the new vintage of Trichard Chénas with marinated grilled chicken thighs, jasmine rice, and chopped cherry tomato insalada caprese. To use a highly technical expression often employed by the Moore Brothers cast and crew, this wine rocks. It has been one of our house favorites for many years, and this vintage is particularly delicious. Once the back doors are closed up for the season, it will be perfect with roast chicken and watercress salad.

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