Monday, October 26, 2009

TWD: Sweet Potato Biscuits and the Phillies

Last week's Tuesday with Dorie recipe coincided with the Phillies' return to the NLCS, and we treated ourselves to tickets to Game 1. Perhaps I should begin by saying that baseball is a pretty big deal around here. Of the 162 games in the regular season, I bet we saw 150. We count down to the day when pitchers and catchers report to spring training and freeze our butts off on opening day. In fact, the two things that will lure us off our vacation deck on St. John are a tropical storm and a Phillies' game.

Now that we've reached the postseason, we've started our lucky rituals. First, there was the pre-game sign making that once again made me wonder how I ever got out of kindergarten. I managed to burn up a few seconds of my 15 minutes of fame at the game when my made-with-love (if not talent) sign made it not only to the Jumbotron, but also to a TV montage that featured the posterboy of the postseason, Bon Jovi. (That noise is not your computer. It is the thumping of my born-to-be-your-baby heart...)

Then there are the lucky shirts. I've been wearing two at a time, so that's a lot of laundry. John actually has a ritual that involves turning a shirt inside out if things look shaky, but I can't give any other details about that because, well, it may be bad luck. As Sunday night approached, the weather report indicated that lucky clothing, long underwear, and blankets would be in order.

What does all of this have to do with biscuits, you say? Well, I was right on schedule for an on-time post, didn't have the strength to write. It's tough cheering for your team into the wee hours, along with working, baking, AND blogging!

When John and I were recalling childhood biscuit memories, we realized our mothers used the same recipe: Pillsbury. A few months ago I was re-introduced to them when my mom insisted that I take some home with me. She had quite a stash of those tubes of refrigerated dough and was eager to share. Well, that's one convenience food that 21st century technology has really improved. We put aside our disdain for all things processed and devoured them.

Dorie's biscuits, however, are the real deal. The sweet potato kept them from rising too much, but they were delicious anyway. I loved another baker's suggestion to serve them with butter and honey. The mascarpone cheese left from this week's recipe would be divine with them.

A big Philly thank you to Erin of Prudence Pennywise for choosing the recipe. She put barbecued shredded beef on hers. Erin and her blog persona, Prudy, have a lovely playlist to accompany their budget-conscious culinary adventures. Go give her blog a look and a listen.

I wonder if she'd add "You Give Love a Bad Name."

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