Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Gift

I know a lot more about being a daughter than having them. Actually, I can't even remember my first daughter. After teaching for 20 years, the blessings really start to add up.

In the early years, I was blessed with my cheerleaders - Chrissy, Shanae, Candice, Michelle, Amanda. Gilmarie. Pammy. Damaris. I still keep the photo of all of us together at the Holiday Light Show at Wanamaker's in my desk drawer.

There was Amarilys, my first "assistant." She made the tough days at Mastbaum so much better. Now she runs a household of 8 and I bet she doesn't miss a beat.

Then came the Mini-Mac years. Nicole spent so much time with me that her peers named her Mini- Mac, and eventually she just became Mini. She still surfaces with good wishes - and sometimes a plant - on every holiday.

Do you believe that children only come from our bodies? Well, I have news for you. I count all of these remarkable women - and more - as my daughters.

Now - a new chapter begins. Say hello to Jaylani Anne, and her momma, Idalee. 2 weeks ago she arrived - perfect and adorable and so content in my arms. Although many of my girls are now incredible moms, Jaylani is my first "glam-baby." Idalee is a particularly special daughter, and I am so happy for her.

Yea, yea, yea - I know - where are the cookies? What about the delicious dinners? Well, I have honey wheat cookies, and Cook's Illustrated chocolate chip cookies, and thumbprints to write about. This weekend I was really busy in the kitchen: shellfish squid ink pasta, pizza, and brioche buns.

I'll be back soon.

But first, I have to hold the baby.

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